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aeilc-kun inquired: "I'm Korean and I've got to say, almost all things u post are jap's."

 It’s ironic how I was asked to post more Jap stuff some time ago. But i do try and keep some kind of balance whenever i can.

匿名 inquired: "*squishy* <3"

lolajot inquired: "Are Korean people focusing on appearance more than white people?"

I don’t think this is an issue of wither you’re Korean or White. Appearance is sadly being focused on in every society.

But I guess with how Korea is very much known for its plastic surgery and such, there comes the idea of how “shallow” Koreans can be. Which I can’t say isn’t true. A great example would be the Korean Entertainment industry after all. But that is just how the industry functions everywhere in the world. No matter how much we claim how all that matters is what’s “on the inside” there is always this part of us that will always find that the mass attraction is towards appearances.

clear-smile inquired: "Have you ever seen exo?"

not yet, but there’s a chance I might soon~

clear-smile inquired: "Can korean people marry nonkoreans? (Sorry for my english)"

Of course they can~ That’s why us international fans should always have our hopes up